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The best exterior painter Hingham is already painting someone’s home wearing one of our shirts. How do we know this? Very simple, we offer the best approach for our customers and facilitate a wonderful working atmosphere as well as continuous training for our painters.

If you’re planning on exterior painting, regardless of the surface, you have to call Preserve Services. We offer the best Hingham painting services and we have been leading the segment for over two decades. If we haven’t yet painted your house, what are you waiting for to bring it to the next level? Give us a call today!

Are You Painting Exteriors? You Need Preserve Services’ Painting Services

Home painting Hingham is not just an aesthetic investment but is also a must in a city like Hingham, Massachusetts which gets 46 inches of snow yearly; way above the national average (28 inches).

But how do snowfall and exterior painting relate?

Well, paint is the first barrier against the elements. Therefore, in a city where the temperature range is so wide and that receives as much snow as it does sunlight, painting services for the exterior are a must.

This applies to residential painting as much as commercial painting because, even if you’re painting the interior impeccably, a badly-painted, damaged paint job on the outside might make your business lose customers that haven’t even walked in. Moreover, we take painting commercial facilities very seriously and sit down with our clients to decide upon the message they want to convey and the colors needed to do it. 

But we not only do commercial exterior painting, we can paint every Hingham home and get the same outstanding results. Furthermore, we can offer you our services for painting decks, siding, roofing, and all sorts of repairs. Adding to that, we use cutting-edge technology to give our clients a free estimate for paint or any other service requiring commercial or residential painters, exterior or interior paint, for a small home or a commercial building.

We’re the paint experts and we’re right here, in Hingham Massachusetts. Give us a call today and get a free quote for your project; it might be less expensive than you thought!

Preserve Services, the Best Option for Every Hingham Home Exterior Painting

Besides the commercial side of our job, our painters love to do house painting applying interior and exterior paint to turn a regular house into a beautiful home. Yes, when we set out to revolutionize Hingham painting services, we instructed each painter in our team (commercial and house painters) with our road-tested, unreservedly effective, 6-step process.

This is our secret to your home’s future beauty

Step 1 – The Setup

Before we lay down any house paint, our exterior painters will cover everything that can get spilled or damaged and cover it using tarps prepared especially by our company. If your property was built before 1978, we’ll follow EPA Renovate Right guidelines.


Step 2 – The Preparation

Every painting company offering you their services knows that interior and exterior painting services obey different rules. What we do is sand, scrape, and pressure wash to make sure all surfaces are ready and to ensure our paint job lasts for longer.

Step 3 – The Repairs

It is common that, during the cleaning and preparation of the surfaces, we discover repairs that need to be done to homes. The cost and schedule for them will be discussed before the next step and we will prepare the best action plan for your budget.


Step 4 – The Priming 

We’re professional painters and know that good priming is the secret to a long-lasting, flawless paint job. So, regardless of painting over wood or concrete, we ensure the color you chose is the color you’ll get for years.


Step 5 – The Painting

This is the moment our experts shine through the quality of their work. Yes, we choose our professionals and exterior painter Hingham because of their flawless performance and ease of work. Chances are if the painter didn’t leave a single stain behind, he or she works for Preserve Services.


Step 6 – The Wrap-up Tour

The work is never finished until you say so. Therefore, we take the time to have a last inspection at work with you so we can evacuate all doubts and show you even the smallest details. 

Regardless of the surface, even if your house has wood, aluminium, or vinyl siding, wood shingles, stucco, or concrete, we’re the right choice for the job. Give us a call today and enjoy your property like never before.


For Residential or Commercial, Interior or Exterior paint, Preserve Services is The Painting Company You Need in Hingham

Hiring just any painter from several painting contractors you found online isn’t bringing people you can trust to do an impeccable job at your home or business. Moreover, if he or she can’t handle the siding at your home, you might even get into a lot of problems. This is why we offer a free quote telling you exactly how much you’ll have to pay after we finish the job on time and adapt to your schedule.

We invite you to learn more about our services and request an estimate for the commercial, residential, exterior, or interior painting job you need. Furthermore, we want you to name us to the people you know and check the verbatim our clients left on our website; our impeccable reputation after over 2 decades of hard work and a relentless commitment to excellence is our best presentation card.

We offer you the best contractors in town and the best exterior painter Hingham that can solve all your needs from painting to carpentry to siding, decking, and roofing.


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Next time you wonder about exterior painters near me, residential painters near me, or exterior house painters, think of Preserve Services. We combine those categories in a single new one called “best painters near me“. Give us a call today and join our endless list of satisfied customers in the South shore. We’re the exterior paint experts and we’re right here, close to you, in Hingham, Massachusetts. Contact us today!

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