Hiring the right Cary decking builder can transform not only your house but also your life. Yes, having a usable space that’s not inside or outside is paramount to enjoying the city all year long. We’re not just Cary deck builders; we’re a locally-owned company with 20+ years working in our community. We know exactly what to do so you can enjoy your new deck for years and decades instead of months.


Need A Cary Decking Builder? Look No Further than Preserve Services 

We offer the best construction techniques and a top-notch, overqualified team to address your every concern. We’re the best deck builders Cary and we’re always one phone call away. Visit our site and get a free quote using our deck builder calculator. 

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Why Preserve Services is the Best Cary Decking Builder?

We’re giving up the scoop right now, the best Cary decking builder is Preserve Services. But what makes us different from the rest? There are a plethora of companies offering deck design, a deck contractor team, and the same materials we do. So, what is the difference?

Well, we have been building custom decks for happy customers for over two decades. During that time we went the extra mile and collected enough information to put together an infallible system that allows us to succeed in every endeavor regardless of the conditions of the backyard, the house, or the weather. 

But that’s not all because we can also offer you to create an outdoor living complete with screen installation so you can do outdoor activities such as playing games with the youngest ones, eating barbeque, or just chilling and enjoying all year long. 

If you’re in Cary, North Carolina, we can offer you the best decking project in town. Give us a call today!

Is a Deck the Same as an Outdoor Living?

We mentioned outdoor living above and you might be scratching your head and thinking about what that means. Well, simply put, outdoor living is an area where you can sit, relax, have a drink, listen to music, and have fun while being outdoors. Furthermore, accompany the above items with some dim lighting, friends, family, and a sunset and you’re suddenly not on your patio anymore but inside a dream. So, an outdoor living room can be set on the ground or, to fight weather inclemency further, you can create such a space on top of our state-of-the-art deck.

The Wonders of Cary North Carolina

Cary, North Carolina is the seventh biggest city in the state. Moreover, its population’s education levels are above the country average making it an interesting, thriving community surrounded by the magical landscapes of North Carolina. We, as deck builders Cary, know that a well-built deck can be the perfect spot to cultivate your intellect and admire nature at the same time. 

Picture it for a second: we create a custom deck where you install your favorite rocking chair. Next thing you know, you’re sipping your favorite hot coffee, reading a book, and enjoying the last rays of the spring sun. Moreover, you can repeat this image in every season being safe and sound in your fancy new deck. 

But that’s not all; because we also offer a free quote for composite decks and every other decking option we have available for you. We know how to make the best decks in Cary that will grant you years of joy and relaxation. Hire the best deck builders in the city, hire Preserve Services today, and enjoy your backyard like never before.


The Importance of Deck Design

We, unlike other Cary deck builders, can offer you accompaniment throughout the entire process from the builders to the designers, to the permits, and even the architectural drawings if needed. But why do we go the extra mile? Well, because we believe that starting from a flawless design is the only way we can ensure flawless results. We understand the importance of deck design and make it count. Get a free quote from us today with our online calculator!


What We’ll Do as Your Deck Contractor?

As a deck builder company, we know that construction is only as good as design is. Moreover, we also know that whatever we build for you needs to withstand NC weather. Therefore, our services include several precautions to keep your home and patio safe and enjoyable for years to come. With our design team in charge, you’ll not only find the most competitive cost in the market but also a structure that adapts to Cary, NC (and also Raleigh and the entire county).


Building Decks with a Proven System

Your deck builder’s 4-step process works flawlessly every time:

  • Step 1 – Permits, architectural drawings, and bureaucracy

  • Step 2 – Solid concrete footings that go 4 feet into the ground

  • Step 3 – The collocation of a pressure-treated deck structure

  • Step 4 – Flooring and railing installation

Cary Decking and its Challenges

Every kind of construction in Cary, Raleigh, or Durham needs to be prepared for extreme temperature changes outdoors. That’s why the quality of the materials, the team of professionals designing, and the contractors need to know the land.

We’re a locally-owned and locally-operated company that knows about North Carolina climate and what to do to avoid any repair services within the first five years of installation. Regardless if it’s next to the kitchen or in the front of the house, we know exactly what to do to ensure great durability and perfect aesthetics.

Visit our website today or call us to get a free quote on your dreams. You might learn they are closer in price than you think.


Preserve Services: Your Go-To Cary Deck Builders

We do deck repair and we are also the number-one deck builders Cary. Trust us with the construction of that amazing new living area in your house and we’ll make your dreams a durable, beautiful, and safe reality. Preserve Services is the best Cary decking builder and we’re ready to give you a quote today. Go to our website, enter the information, and we’ll do the rest.

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