Known by most fellow Americans as ‘The Southern Part of Heaven,’ Chapel Hill is one of the most beautiful cities in North Carolina. We knew about this two decades ago when we decided to become the number-one Chapel decking builder. We’ve been working our hardest ever since to preserve and bring Chapel Hill even more beauty in the form of a deck, siding, roofing, and painting (to just name a few of our services). Your next decking project is waiting in our offices to make your house even more beautiful than it is right now. Are you ready for your next project? We’re waiting for you! Get a free quote today!


Why Preserve Services is The Go-To Chapel Decking Builder?

Ever since 1795, Chapel Hill has been famous for the modern twist it has always given to its quaint feel. In that sense, hiring the right Chapel decking builder is to find a company that offers deck designs that match the elegance of this city. We’re Preserve Services, a company that can build a church deck, do roof waterproofing (or a waterproofing project for your entire house), and design with you the best deck plans to embellish your house and allow you to enjoy the patio as never before. Yes, you read that right, we go beyond the basic design most companies offer and plan with you every detail from the position and materials to the color, the railing, and the finishing touches. Furthermore, we’ll see it more in-depth below, but we can also take care of the architectural drawings as well! Use our online calculator to get a free estimate right now and dare to make your dreams a reality with Preserve Services.

Our Approach to Decking is Unique in Chapel Hill (and in the World!)

We take construction and decking seriously. That’s why during these past two decades we’ve developed an infallible approach that ensures customer satisfaction, timing optimization, and the best prices in the market. Moreover, we applied our four-step program successfully not only in Chapel Hill but also to build decks in Durham, Raleigh, and more. You can trust Preserve Services, we offer the best materials, builders, and approach to ensure your deck will remain beautiful, safe, and even for years to come. Without further ado, let’s look at our road-tested 4-step program.

  • Step 1 – We take care of architectural drawings, permits, and all the annoying bureaucracy (and it’s all included in your quote).

  • Step 2 – We know Chapel Hill (and NC in general) suffers from drastic temperature changes. That’s why we use footings that go four feet into the ground and are made of solid concrete. The ground might freeze and thaw, but your deck won’t move an inch.

  • Step 3 – The pressure-treated deck structure we use as deck builders will be on your patio for decades.

  • Step 4 – Unlike every other deck builder out there, we’ll respect all your initial choices and work our hardest to make the final product as close to your imagination as possible (or even better!). Furthermore, if you select latticework, we’ll include that under the deck as well.

Having a porch at home allows you to enjoy the outdoors of your house all year long. Let Chapel Hill’s amazing natural attractions haunt your senses while you rock on your comfy chair and read your favorite book. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. We’re Preserve Services, your go-to deck builders in Chapel Hill.

We Build Decks So You Can Enjoy Your Patio & Outdoor Facilities like Never Before

Our services include (from the design stage) everything you need to expand the living area in your home. You can decide if you want the location of your outdoor living next to the kitchen (so you can run in, grab the tea and go back out), next to the garage, or at the front of the house. Whichever location you choose, our contractors will advise and perfectly plan your project before they start building your deck. If your house already has a deck but you’re not sure just how old it is or if it is safe to walk on top of it, we can also offer you a top-notch repair service to turn that old structure into a new, beautiful spot where you can spend the entire year enjoying nature. We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful states in the country; life’s too short to watch nature unfold its greatness from behind a window. Dare to live your dreams, get a free quote and get started today!

Trust Our Expert Chapel Decking Builder To Build You the Best Deck in NC

Chapel Hill is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire state. Indeed, from the long-gone New Hope Chapel to the already-legendary Carolina Inn, architecture is at its all-time greatest in our city. Therefore, when you decide to add a porch or a deck to your home, you need to hire the services of the best Chapel decking builder, Preserve Services. We will build you a deck that’s up to Chapel Hill expectations and that will grant you a lifetime of enjoying that beautiful “not inside or outside” feeling of sipping hot coffee in your favorite robe while autumn leaves softly fall on the ground or flowers blossom and birds sing their melody. We can help you enjoy the year’s coldest months while you and your loved ones share healthy games and laughter outdoors. Furthermore, we can even build you the reason your family drops by for barbeque every weekend!

You already chose to live in one of the country’s most beautiful cities, don’t settle for anything other than excellence. Give us a call today or visit our website to get an instant quote using our free calculator. We want to help you enjoy your house like never before in style with the sturdy, reliable, durable elegance and finesse you deserve. We’re waiting for your quote request; are you ready for your next project? We sure are; we’re Preserve Services, your go-to option for decking in Chapel Hill.

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