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Deck Builder Lynnfield

 If you live with your family in a big house, having a deck outside of your yard is a plus. A deck allows you and your family members to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your home or traveling far. It is a functional space where your family could relax, dine, and have fun.

The purpose of a deck is not only for leisure but also for adding aesthetic value to your house’s exterior. With all the different deck designs to choose from, it is challenging to pick the right deck builder to help you in building your ideal deck. This is why you need to consider the quality of service a deck builder offers.

At Preserve Services, we are committed to providing you Lynnfield deck building services to achieve your deck installation plan. Our Lynnfield deck builders are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of deck construction. We will guide and assist you from the first to the final day of construction.

Why Choose to Install a Deck

A deck is a functional space that you can install outside of your household. It is a good addition if you have a big family that likes to relax and spend quality time outside without the need to travel. It can also serve as a lounge for your guests where they could relax, dine, or do other recreational activities. Here are some benefits of installing a deck in your home:

It Does Not Limit Space

The difference of a deck from other home exterior spaces, like verandas or porches, is that a deck is not situated at the entrance of your home. It is not limiting in terms of space, unlike other outdoor platforms where space is usually confined.  

You Can Beautify Your Deck

In terms of aesthetic value, you can add a canopy or a pergola to make a deck look more appealing. This is because a deck is originally constructed without a roof. Adding a canopy or a pergola can add beauty and provide ample shade to your deck.

It Has Different Styles

Decks have different styles to complement the architectural design of your home. The following are some of the deck styles you could choose from before deck construction:                                    

Traditional Style Decks

This deck style best complements a home with a colonial architectural design. Decks with a traditional style are octagon-shaped with diagonal corners offering a palatial feel.

In addition, deck builders prefer Cedar or Redwood as the type of wood to use for building this kind of deck. Whether your home is a Dutch, Federal, or Georgian colonial, a traditional deck is the best style you would want for your Colonial house.

Contemporary Style Decks

Decks with contemporary styles are best installed if you live in a home with a mid-modern to modern architectural design. This style puts emphasis on minimalism—basic decking with plain lines for its design.

Deck builders choose low-maintenance materials for constructing this deck style. Materials like composite, metal, PVC, and stone are some options preferred by deck builders.

Coastal Style Decks

Coastal decks are good for homes, regardless of architectural design, that are built a few meters away from the shoreline. If you live near the beach, the advantage of installing this deck is that it gives you an overlook of your surroundings.    

Most deck builders use materials like composite decking or cedar wood for the deck construction. This is because the colors of these materials blend perfectly with the landscape.                         

Mountain Style Decks

Mountain style decks fit well on log houses. A mountain deck features heavy wood framing and railings. This deck style gives you the same benefit as a Coastal deck style.

Deck builders usually prefer using timber as the main material for deck construction. With timber as the foundation, mountain deck is considered as the most massive and durable deck style.

What Materials to Choose in Deck Construction

The style of the deck you want to have requires specific materials. Generally, deck builders use two kinds of materials for constructing your desired deck. These are wood and synthetic materials. Decks made out of wood are sturdy and are more natural looking. If you want a durable deck, wood is the material you need. Here are the kinds of wood used in deck construction:

  • Redwood
  • Western Red Cesar
  • Pressure Thread Wood
  • Imported Hardwoods (Ironwood, Ipe, Paulope)

On the other hand, decks that are built from synthetic materials reduce your deck’s susceptibility to damage. You will need fewer repairs or restorations if your deck uses synthetic materials. Here are some examples of synthetic materials used in deck construction:

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl Coated Steel
  • Composite (Wood and Plastic Mixture)
  • Pure Polyethylene
  • Pure PVC or Vinyl

When to Consult a Lynnfield Deck Building Company

You can hire a Lynnfield deck building contractor once your plans are ready and you’re financially capable. In terms of restoration or repairs, contacting a Lynnfield deck building contractor as soon as you have identified issues on your deck is your best bet. They can assist in repairs and provide you information on how to maintain your deck in its best condition.

What You Should Look for in a Lynnfield Deck Building Company

With a lot of contractors offering the same kind of deck construction and repairs, it is hard to choose which company can deliver the most efficient and effective service. This is why you should choose a company with highly qualified deck builders. Before hiring a Lynnfield deck building company, take note of the following qualities you would want your deck builder to have.           

Its Deck Builders Must Be Licensed

Avoid hiring a builder who is not licensed. He or she should be licensed by the city or the state to operate. A licensed builder proves that he or she is trained in handling equipment and knows what to do and what to avoid during construction.

Its Deck Builders Must Be Experienced

The builder you want to hire must be in the deck construction industry for many years. You would want to hire a builder who has been working for more than five years. This is proof that he or she can handle any situation in terms of deck building.

Its Deck Builders Must Have Good Track Records

An assurance that you have hired the right builder is his or her good track record. This is a testament to his or her knowledge and skills. This also shows how many people are satisfied or pleased with his or her job.

Its Deck Builders Must Have Good Communication Skills

One of the most important aspects a builder must have is having the ability to listen and adjust to your needs. He or she must give importance to the plans you want to accomplish. If both you and your builder can communicate effectively, the result will be successful deck construction.

Preserve Services: Lynnfield’s Choice for Quality Deck Building

The process of installing a deck is a challenging task if you take matters into your hands. If you lack the knowledge and experience, you would likely have a hard time building your deck while spending a lot on materials and other resources.

Hiring a Lynnfield deck building company like Preserve Services can make the job easier for you. Our deck builders have all the resources and knowledge to construct your ideal deck. At Preserve Services, we deliver good service while giving you tips on good deck maintenance.

Contact Us for Your Deck Construction Needs

When it comes to building decks, Preserve Services is the trustworthy choice. With over two decades of experience, our business has been improving outdoor living spaces with quality deck construction. We proudly serve clients in Lynnfield, MA and nearby areas. For more inquiries, you can contact us to set up an appointment.