Hiring the best decking builder Raleigh is not only a way to transform and add value to your home but also an invitation to enjoy the Spring sun with those you love the most.

Yes, decks are the perfect combination of inside and outside that allows you to enjoy Raleigh at its best.

You Need the Best Decking Builder Raleigh to Enjoy Spring Weather

Hiring the right company to build your deck is bringing your loved ones seasons of joy.

We are Preserve Services, the best deck builder in the area. We’re not only the best at what we do, but we are also locally-owned.

Hire people you know to transform your house and enjoy that middle ground between outside and inside sipping hot coffee under the dazzling sun.

Read on and find out why you need to contact Preserve Services to start living in your house at its best!

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Benefits of a Custom Deck

The first question to answer before you make any deck plans is why you need a custom deck for your house. Let’s address three of the main reasons why you should request a quote today:

  • Increase your living space at home – The right decking builder Raleigh can generate a new space in your home that’s neither inside nor outside. Extend your house’s comfort affordably with a new deck.

  • Enjoy every season – Decks, patios, and screened porches are the best way to enjoy the outdoors while being safe, sound, comfy, and warm.

  • Relax and connect with nature – You can do this without leaving your house to go to any service areas nearby. Just step out into your deck and enjoy the sweet breeze.


We Also Do Deck Repair

Although Preserve Services are the number-one Raleigh deck builders, we not only make decks, but we also offer repair services in Raleigh. This is important in case you move to a house where previous tenants hired a company to build a deck.

If the construction wasn’t done with the proper materials (using nails instead of galvanized bolts, for example), it can represent a hazard.

Have it checked by a Preserve Services contractor and make sure the construction is safe and stable. If repairs are needed, we’ll give you a quote on the spot.


Have You Heard of Screened Porches?

We’re your go-to Raleigh deck builder because we create state-of-the-art Raleigh decking for each of our customers. Yet, that’s not all we do, we’re also Raleigh’s number one screened porch builders.

From September to April, your deck in Raleigh will get a little too chill to be out. What if you could have your trusted deck builders go one step beyond decking and create a closed space for you to enjoy with your loved ones?

That’s exactly what our builders can do for you.

Enjoy your home like never before; we’re one phone call away!


Our Free Calculator Tool Lets You Choose Different Types of Decks

No home is exactly like the next and no owner is exactly like the next. That’s why we offer not only a huge variety of materials and colors but also prices. 

But that’s not all, because you can measure the location you want your deck to be (next to the garage, before the kitchen, next to the bathroom? You pick!) and use our free calculator to have an estimate.

Yes, it’s that easy, and, if you check our client’s rating and feedback, you’ll know that we’re closer to awesome than to average.

We can even suggest some lighting options! Visit our website today!

We’re Locally-Owned by Raleigh People like You

Every time we look out the windows of our company, we admire the same amazing NC landscape you do. We grew up in the same weather, playing in similar porches, and doing the same outdoor activities you did. We know this city like nobody else does.

That’s exactly why we’re the perfect pick for your project. But that’s not all, because, with our free calculator, our contractors will know exactly what you need by the time they reach your property.

Raleigh Durham made it to the #1 position in the list of the best places to live in NC and we work our hardest to keep it in that spot.

We love Raleigh just as much as you do and want to help to make it more beautiful every day.


We Build Your Deck & Leave Your Property Without a Trace

A lot of materials are required to build the perfect deck or porch. Our team of experts will receive your quote and contact you to transform your patio into your new favorite spot in the building.

But the best of it all is that, by the time we’re done, all we’ll leave behind is the safest, best-looking deck in the block. Get your free quote today!


What Are The Uses of a Deck In Raleigh?

Decks are always everyone’s favorite place in the house. How so? You might be asking. Well, to put it simply, a deck is a space that can be transformed into a barbeque spot, a tea spot, or the perfect place to read your favorite book as the sun goes down and you sip hot coffee.

Already have a level deck in your house? We do deck repair too so you can enjoy this space worry-free with those you love the most.

Our Tried And Tested 4-Step Process

  • Step 1 – Permits: Architectural drawings (if needed), permits, and all the annoying paperwork is part of our job and the costs are always included in your quote.
  • Step 2 – Footings: Four feet of concrete footings ensure your deck stays perfectly even in freeze or thaw.
  • Step 3 – Framing Structure: Our deck structure is pressure-treated ensuring years of safe enjoyment.
  • Step 4 – Railings and Flooring: We’ll install everything as you ordered in your quote including latticework under the deck if selected.
  • Step 5 – Enjoy: This is just the bonus track!


Preserve Services: Your Go-To Decking Builder Raleigh

We believe that the landscape of our beloved city is something we build as a community every day. We have made this part of our mission since day one, so every time a new customer hits send to receive an estimate he or she will get a perfect solution that will embellish and improve not only their house but our community as well.


Raleigh’s Trusted Local Builders 

We’re locals who work hard every day to be the go-to decking builder Raleigh whenever any community member needs decks built.

We love Raleigh as much as you do. Let us help you take your home and the community to the next level in beauty, comfort, and safety.


Why Are We The Best Choice?

Don’t settle for just any deck builder; get a free quote from us and let’s work together to build the deck you always wanted. Why go for average when you can have awesome? Our location is always near and convenient. We have a team of experienced professionals working and beautifying homes in North Carolina for many years. You can also check our client’s ratings. 


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