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A deck is a perfect addition to any home as it creates extra room for entertainment and transforms your yard into an exciting space where you can unwind and relax with friends and family. However, you must ensure the deck design matches your home’s exterior to add to the curb appeal. While constructing a deck may seem like a DIY project, you must hire professionals specializing in deck construction. 

Stunning Decks Westwood MA Built to Last by Our Experienced Professionals

Preserve services offer all kinds of deck services in Westwood MA, including deck repair, restoration, and installation.

Our team comprises experienced specialists who provide various services for decks of all sizes, styles and options. Preserve Services, is the team to call whether you want to add a raised or ground-level deck in your yard. 

We understand that homeowners have different ideas about how they want their decks to look. This is why we offer residents of Westwood and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts customized decks. 

Benefits of Having a Deck for Your Westwood Home

Are you considering adding a deck to your home but unsure whether it’s worth investing in?

Here are the benefits of a deck for any home: 

  • Create More Living Space for Entertaining And Relaxing Outdoors: A deck creates a new outdoor space to relax with friends and family. Depending on the style and size of the deck, you can add a seating space, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit or a sauna. Installing a deck allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoor ambience even when they don’t have a lot of yard space. 
  • A Beautifully-Designed Deck Enhances Your Home’s Curb Appeal: A deck is an excellent addition if you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your Westwood MA home. Whether you opt for a composite finish or natural wood, a deck will make your home more attractive. And since decks come in various colors and styles, matching the deck to your home’s current design is easy.
  • A Well-Constructed Deck Increases Your Property Value: Adding a deck to your home is an excellent way to increase its value. While other things, such as a bathroom or kitchen remodeling, can increase your home’s value, they come at an extra cost. Adding a deck is relatively cheaper, making it a sound investment if you’re considering selling your home. 

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience with Our Deck Services

Are you looking for a trusted expert to help with your decking needs?

Preserve Services is your one-stop shop for all your deck installation, remodeling and repair needs. We offer top-quality deck services in Westwood and its surroundings. 


Custom Deck Building for Your Westwood Home

The team at Preserve Services boast considerable experience in designing, constructing, and remodeling decks. When you hire us, you leave your project with skilled and talented deck builders who will customize the deck to meet all your expectations and desires.

We listen to your unique ideas and build a dynamic and highly functional deck that increases the value and beauty of your home. Our decks Westwood MA solutions are available for residential buildings of all sizes. 


Deck Repair Services to Keep Your Deck Looking Like New

Perhaps you already own a deck, but the harsh weather conditions have left it deplorable. Our talented and experienced deck builders will help bring the deck back to life.

Our top-quality work and dedication to delivering unrivaled deck repair services have made us the go-to choice for Westwood residents.

Whether your porch needs some painting job or the railing needs to be removed and replaced, we offer all forms of home services for homeowners in Westwood and larger Massachusetts. 

Choose the Best Deck Builders in Westwood – Choose Preserve Services

When you need to add a deck to your home or have the existing one repaired, you can trust a company that has a proven track record and other cutting-edge qualities.


  • Our Expertise in Crafting Stunning Decks for Westwood Homes. We have a team of skilled and talented experts who will help you bring your idea to life
  • Our Unwavering Commitment to Customer Satisfaction. Our experts go to lengths to deliver decks reflecting the customer’s ideas for greater satisfaction
  • Quality Materials and Competitive Pricing for Your Decking Needs. We use top-quality materials to ensure that your deck lasts for several years.
  • Unique Deck Designs to Match Your Style and Budget. Our ability to create customized decks has made us the number-one home improvement company in Westwood MA.

Our Decks Westwood MA Building and Repair Process

We don’t handle any deck building or repair projects haphazardly. We follow a systematic process to deliver decks that maintain structural integrity for years. 

  • Design Consultation and Planning for Your Unique Deck Needs: Once you contact us for any decking needs, our contractors will start by consulting you to know the exact design you’re looking for. When we comprehensively understand what you want, we devise construction plans and spell out what material will be needed. However, before we start building, we liaise with the state building inspector to understand the building codes and determine whether the deck you want fits the current plot plan. Once everything is in order, we move to the next step.
  • Efficient Deck Construction and Installation Services: Our deck specialist will source high-quality building materials and start installing the deck. We follow our plans diligently, ensuring your vision and needs are reflected in the final product. We are proud to have worked with hundreds of clients from Westwood MA, and delivered decks that stand the test of time. 
  • Deck Repair and Maintenance Services to Keep Your Deck Looking Its Best: Preserve Services doesn’t halt the deck services once we finish building. Our skilled artisans will provide maintenance and repair services to prolong your porch life. Our main goal is to ensure that these outdoor spaces meet the homeowner’s needs and wants at all times. We will assist you with everything from design and construction to necessary repairs and replacements. 

Preserve Services’ FAQs on Decks Westwood MA Building & Repairs

1)  How Much Does Deck Building in Westwood Cost?

The price of building decks Westwood MA, will vary depending on the size, material used, design, or style. However, a standard deck will cost around $5,445 – $14,585.


2)  How Long Does It Take to Construct a Deck in Westwood?

Again, the time it takes to build a deck will depend on its size and the number of builders. Reputable deck builders like Preserve Services typically take 6-16 weeks. 

3)  How Often Should You Have Your Westwood Deck Repaired or Maintained?

Wood decks have an estimated lifespan of 10-15 years. Annual deck cleaning and maintenance will help keep it sturdy and avoid regular repairs. Establishing a cleaning routine is imperative to prevent rotting or water damages that may cause expensive repairs. 

4)  What Kind of Custom Designs for Decks Westwood MA Can Preserve Services Create?

Preserve Services can create all kinds of deck designs. Since people have different preferences, our contractors can create custom-designed decks to meet unique needs and tastes. 

Let’s Build Your Dream Deck in Westwood

Call us today for all your decking needs in Westwood MA. We are the best builders for creating decks Westwood MA, whether you want us to brainstorm and deliver the best deck or you have ideas of the deck you want.

Please schedule a consultation with one of our deck building and repair experts and request a quote. 

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