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Hiring the services of the right Durham decking builder can turn every season of the year into a non-stop gathering of family and friends. Yes, the right deck builders will address all your concerns and build the deck you dream of. But decks are not all the same, and the right deck builder will not only give you a wide variety of options to choose from but also the trust that it will be safe for years to come. Don’t settle for anything other than excellence and visit our website today for a free quote. We’re Preserve Services, your go-to Durham decking builder.

Durham is the Best Place to Live in North Carolina

According to recent statistics, Durham & Raleigh share the first spot as the best places to live in North Carolina. This is not a matter of luck or a mere manipulation of the numbers, on the contrary, it’s the outcome of a thriving, beautiful community willing to make the city more beautiful every day. This has been our main goal since day one as an active member of this amazing city. Our aim is to continue to make our contribution to maintaining our spot on top of the charts.

We’re Preserve Services; we have been making Durham a beautiful city for the last two decades. Give us a call today and let us show you why we’re the go-to option as decking builders in Durham. We’re always one phone call away!


We’re lucky to live here because Durham’s weather offers us four beautiful seasons full of magic and diversity. This is something that only a Durham decking builder will know. We have been working in this city with your neighbors for over two decades and identify exactly what to do to fight weather inclemency back. Moreover, we know exactly what you need and can offer you must-haves like gutter guards for autumn. Plus, our prices are the lowest local cost to turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of. Furthermore, in case you have existing plans for home improvements, we can help you turn them into a great-looking reality you’ll be able to enjoy all year long. Visit our website for a free quote!

Is a Deck An Outdoor Living

Nothing dresses your barbeque parties like an outdoor living. Add some mild lighting, mellow music, and the best company, and every casual rendezvous with family and friends will reach a new plateau. We build the kind of deck you need to transform your backyard into a new, exciting place where to hang out with your loved ones. We’ll take care of the construction, and, as builders, we are proud to have a General Contractor’s license. We create dream-like decks for the most demanding customers in North Carolina’s number-one city. Call Durham’s best deck builders and enjoy your patio like never before. We’re the builders you can trust and we’re right here in Durham.


For some, screened porches are the best solution to using the backyard or patio all year long. That being said, most deck companies don’t offer such an option. We’re Preserve Services, we’re not most companies. We’re the go-to deck builder for deck construction but also to generate an outdoor space where you can enjoy your backyard regardless of weather conditions. Expand the enjoyable areas in your home with a deck and a screened porch on top of it. Enter your location in our free calculator and get your quote today!

Not Inside or Outside, On the Deck

NC is a beautiful state full of colors, diversity, and changing weather conditions. As contractors, we include the inclemency in the design stage of every project to ensure you won’t need any replacement for any of our creations in the upcoming years. But don’t just take our word for it; check our clients’ rating and some of the pictures they took with the right lighting. We can make your dreams come true so you won’t have to be inside or outside, but on the porch’s patio sipping fine coffee and watching the birds all year long. We offer you the ultimate solution including patio covers, decking, repairs, and much more. Contact us today!

Our 4 – Step Construction Process

Over the years we created a 4-step process that’s infallible and that will make the process easier for you and for us as well.

  • Step 1 – We take care of architectural drawings and permits.
  • Step 2 – We use four feet of concrete for our footings that support freezes and thaws.
  • Step 3 – We use a top-notch pressure-treated deck structure to ensure endurance
  • Step 4 – The floor and railing will be exactly what you chose.

Deck Builders who Understand Your Concerns

We want you to enjoy your patio as never before if you’re a Durham or Raleigh neighbour. We know what your house needs because we live in Durham too and understand the changing weather conditions and what to do to preserve every structure we create. But that’s not all, we work our hardest to understand and address all your concerns. That’s why we also offer vinyl siding services, roofing, carpentry, and painting. Give us a call today!

Preserve Services – A Story of Solid Decks and Happy Customers

We live in your city and love driving around town admiring the porches, windows, and custom decks we’ve created for so many customers in the past two decades. Moreover, in many cases, we’ve seen several sets of furniture go by while our creations withstand Durham’s weather.

That’s our story: solid creations and happy customers.

Join our long list and live life to its fullest in the house you always dreamed of. Send us a message today!

One of the Few Deck Companies That Understands Durham Weather

The temperature in our beloved city has a great disparity from one season to the next. Every building needs to be prepared from the composite material to the building techniques to take the extreme conditions it’ll be exposed to in years to come.

We’re the Durham decking builder that has been doing it for 2 decades and can guarantee our creations will be with you for the rest of your life. Ask for a quote today!



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