For more than 25 years, Preserve Services has been growing our own business in the home construction industry, and in the past couple of years, we began to offer franchise opportunities as well. We are a professionally managed construction business, proudly providing high-quality, multiservice exterior services and project management with exceptional customer service – and very attractive profit margins. We know that where we fit in the industry is a great reason for our success.

The U.S. Home Improvement Industry Is Worth Billions – And Always Growing

The home construction industry in the U.S. is always in demand, no matter what’s happening in the broader economy, but certainly buoyed by low interest rates. Recent studies by the Joint Center for House Studies at Harvard University indicated that Americans spend roughly $400B each year on home repairs and home improvement, and that number only continues to rise. The fact of the matter is that there are some repairs that simply can’t be put off another day or another month – a leaky roof, for example, or a rickety deck that’s dangerous to the homeowners and their visitors alike. Even better, when people get a year-end bonus or are feeling financially secure, they often consider their biggest investment – their home – the first beneficiary of that windfall.

Throughout the global pandemic, many people made a conscious choice to invest in their homes, which also became their work, school, and social center. In fact, over the past couple of years, Preserve Services and our franchisees have been busier than ever, managing a diverse portfolio of projects for our clients. One thing’s for certain: Home improvement isn’t something that will ever be outsourced offshore, which makes us a very appealing residential construction franchise opportunity.

We Offer an Attractive Multiservice Approach Within the Construction Industry

The Preserve Services business model is structured in a way that our franchisees are able to take advantage of the fact that most home maintenance projects require more than one trade at any given time. We call this our multiservice approach. For example, roofing and exterior painting frequently go hand in hand when it comes to home maintenance. With our approach, our franchisees are able to confidently manage a book of business with high customer demand and profit margins, thanks to the economies of scale built into the system. A limited but diverse array of products reduces the customer decision-making process, and supplies and building materials are off the shelf – not custom – and readily available. This all adds up to projects that are simple to scope, staff, and execute and simple to schedule and coordinate, thanks to our operational training and proprietary technology.

If you’re looking to invest in a business that will invest in you and that will help you build a career that supports the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about, please reach out to us today!