For more than 25 years, Preserve Services has been growing our own business, and since 2018, we’ve been offering construction franchise opportunities as well. We are a professionally managed construction business, proudly providing high-quality, multiservice exterior services and project management with exceptional customer service – and very attractive profit margins.

These profit margins are a result of one of our biggest competitive advantages: our multiservice approach[EH1] . Simply put, multiple services, in our case painting, roofing, maintenance carpentry, decking, and siding, mean multiple sources of revenue for our franchisees. Our service portfolio has the added benefit of being complementary; for example, roofing projects typically require exterior painting to complete. And within its “limits” are built-in assurances for the franchisee: When offering a set of color swatches for paint or options for roofing, the client sees variety and options. What the franchisee knows is that the materials they offer will be easy to order and pick up, even in a single day, because the assortment is off the shelf rather than custom.

Manage Risks Thanks to Low Overhead and Carrying Costs – and a Quick Start

Here’s where we take our multiservice approach – and its advantages — to the next level: Our franchisees have very low overhead and carrying costs. The truth is that one of the biggest barriers people face when they are considering starting their own business or investing in a franchise is the overhead and other associated inventory and storage requirements. [EH2] Every extra cost a franchisee incurs is another barrier to breaking even or even seeing a profit, and it’s consequently a very real risk that people should consider when making their decision to invest or start a business.

We are able to help you get your construction and painting franchise up running with minimal overhead. Thanks to our proven system, training, marketing and operations support, and proprietary technology, all you really need is a laptop and a vehicle, and you’ll be running your business in less than 30 days. You don’t need a toolbox. You don’t need to invest in property or even find a minimal-square-foot storefront or office. You can work from your own home – or anywhere. With our franchise opportunity, you put your time and hard work into the business, and reap the rewards.

Reap the Benefits of a Flexible Lifestyle…and Put Your Points to Work for You

Our founder, Sean O’Connor, grew the business and initiated franchising with a firm, clear goal: To be successful at work so we all can truly enjoy our lives when we’re off the job, whatever that might look like. Preserve Services franchisees earn the right to enjoy the flexibility to spend time with their family and friends, travel, and have a life outside of work. We help our franchisees understand our operational systems to control their schedules so that there are no nights or weekends at work and no business travel — unless that’s what they choose. And one of the other perks of this business and our industry is the frequent flier miles and points franchisees collect as they order materials and make purchases to complete projects. A slice of the value that we offer is watching all of our franchisees benefit from that flexibility and take advantage of time with family to travel and just recharge.

If you’ve been interested in learning more about home construction franchise opportunities, please reach out to us today!