Our steps to ownership are straightforward and clear, leading to an opportunity to invest in a franchise with a proven business model, multiple revenue streams, and work/life balance at the core.

1: Get started: Complete our Franchise Information form, also available on our website.

2: Introductory call: We will mutually agree on a time for a member of the Preserve Services team to call you for an information conversation to discuss the franchise opportunity and our multiservice model. The call is informational – no sales pitches or pressure! During this call, we will discuss any questions you might have about franchising in general and about our system in particular and dive into some details and requirements to become a franchisee.

3: Request for consideration: Following our introductory call, we will email a Request for Consideration form, which is straightforward and asks for more detail about your professional background. This form allows us to learn more about you and ensure we will be a good professional fit for one another. We will review the information and make a decision on whether to move forward.

4: FDD review: We will email you our Franchise Disclosure Document, which is a legal document required to be shared with potential franchise partners to conduct due diligence before moving into an official agreement. By law, you have 14 days to review the FDD with your lawyer and any other concerned parties before you make a decision to move forward and make your initial investment.

5: Franchise application: We will send you a Franchise Application and Background Check form, which is our opportunity to complete due diligence on our own end.

6: Franchise agreement: If we’re both in agreement to go forward, we will meet to sign the Franchise Agreement and make arrangements for the initial investment.

7: Onboarding and training: At this point, we will introduce you to our franchisee ecosystem and begin your in-person training in Salem, MA. We will take you through the step-by-step processes to start your business, train you in our multiservice approach, demonstrate how to use your proprietary software and technology, operations, and much more.

Throughout this process, we will be available on demand to answer your questions and make sure you have all the information you need to make this important decision!