At Preserve Services, we know that a franchisor is only as good as its system and the support it provides its franchisees to help them be successful. We are an exterior construction company, and we know that one of our best support features is our proprietary franchise management software, which we designed and continue to refine through added functionality and a test-and-learn mentality with our franchisees. Our goal is to provide franchisees with continually added features that make running their business intuitive and straightforward. Preserve Services’ custom software allows your business to scale and stay in control, and we provide hands-on training on the software’s features.

From our experience as small business owners and now operating a franchise company, one of the biggest hurdles to successful construction management is achieving your goals for growth by executing projects and managing cash flow while also managing all the moving parts of the administrative side of the business. As a franchisee and business owner, keeping track of all the paperwork, invoices, bids, client and vendor communications, and so much more can be intimidating and overwhelming. But with our franchise management software, you can do just that – right in the palm of your hand and in real time!

Our Technology Supports Real-Time Estimating – and Closing Sales…

Our franchisees benefit from this project management tool in many ways, first and foremost the simple fact that everything is in one place and accessible in real time. This includes plug-and-play estimation, giving you the ability to go onsite with a prospective client, take measurements, calculate an estimate, generate a professional email with the estimate, and even present it right at their home. Our consumer website has a simple calculator tool, which helps move them through their initial research process. Our franchisees, however, have a more robust version of this, which includes creating a full proposal in minutes, dramatically decreasing the amount of time needed for follow-up and back and forth, and limiting the burden most other contracts simply have to endure. This reduces the time to close a sale and instantly boosts your credibility. Customers appreciate the transparency in particular – when there are no smoke and mirrors behind an estimate or a “we’ll call you soon” promises to wait for, they are more inclined to sign on to a project with you, and, more quickly, to boot.

…Helps You Stay on Top of Correspondence and Cut Down on Administrative Time…

If you’re a contractor, you know all too well that the volume of client interactions in a day can be formidable; in fact, studies have shown that 20% of a contractor’s week is spent on inbound and outbound communications, costing the overall industry billions. And they come in all varieties: in person and via calls, texts, and emails. These often necessary distractions can get in the way of executing on projects and booking more work, which is where our software shines: We’ve automated many of them, reducing days and hours of project management tasks and business administration for our franchisees. This includes the ability to generate frequent email messages, create marketing campaigns including email and direct mail lists, and developing estimates.

…And Keeps Track of Your Crew, Vendors, and Supplies

Hardly last on the list of benefits, our proprietary franchise management system additionally helps you cut through the clutter with your suppliers and vendors. Frequent contacts are available in an instant, and with a couple of clicks, you can order your commonly needed supplies and also keep track of recent purchases and where they are in the system. Even better: You can analyze those purchases to help keep your inventory at a comfortable level without sacrificing your ability to complete projects on time and help forecast the intervals for future purchases. All this with a single project management tool that allows you to communicate with your crew about priorities and supplies, customers, and vendors with one click and no toggling between products and multiple logins.

As experts in the exterior construction industry, we know that spring is a time for jumping into the projects you’ve already scoped and responding to referrals and inquiries generated from your marketing campaigns to book more projects. Our franchisees are truly able to spring forward thanks to the many benefits of the technology and support we provide, and we continually add new features based not only on changes in the industry but our franchisees’ needs as well. We provide many benefits and types of support for our franchisees beyond this standout technology.

If you’d like more information about Preserve Services and our franchise technology and support, please reach out to us today!