At Preserve Services, we offer franchise opportunities for people looking to own their exterior construction business. Whether you’re a tradesman looking to swap the uncertainty of the next job, have hit your earning potential and are looking for more, or maybe even a restaurant manager with excellent customer service skills and a bit of a business background, we offer an opportunity to buy into a franchise system that will set you up for success. And one of the biggest benefits of our system to start a home-building business is that it’s part of the construction industry, which is recession-proof and always growing. With an exterior construction business, and our training and support, you’ll also be able to build a business that grows with your lifestyle – or the one you’ve been dreaming of.









How Preserve Services Supports Franchisee Goals – Build Your Business and Construct a Life Balance









The systems we have built for Preserve Services were built with one end in mind: To be successful at work so we can truly enjoy our lives when we’re off the job. Work/life balance means different things to different people, and now more than ever, as so many of us have become all too familiar with the changes to our daily lives resulting from the global pandemic.









Our founder, Sean O’Connor, was juggling work and family, as so many of us do, and made some big life changes to his business approach so he could be more financially secure and also free up time to be a more actively involved and engaged husband and father. Being a Preserve Services franchisee will give you the flexibility to construct a life/work balance that allows you to spend time with your family and friends, travel, and have a life outside of work. You are in control of your schedule so that there are no nights or weekends at work (unless that’s what you want!) and no business travel, and you can create spots in your day for orthodontist appointments or flu shots. And one of the many perks of this business and our industry is the frequent flier miles and points you are able to collect from the purchases you make for supplies and materials. It is a true point of pride for us that part of the value that we bring includes seeing all of our franchisees benefit from that opportunity to take flex time with family to travel and just recharge.









And with Preserve Services franchise, you choose your clients, your schedule, and you never have to ask for vacation time. Many of our franchisees essentially take a season off, and we have franchisees who spend two months a year in Florida, or who book weeks-long vacations with their families and friends over holidays and beyond.









We Never Stop Working to Improve Our Franchise System and Opportunities









Someone’s got to keep the lights on – and that’s us. While our franchisees are taking their well-deserved time off with family and friends, traveling, or doing work on their own personal projects, we continue to review and refine our processes. We test and refine our marketing tactics, invest in our technology and software, and are always looking for – and through — feedback to improve and enhance our training programs. We know that reality will hit when it’s time to fire up the laptop – or your truck – and get back into the swing of things. We’ve found that people looking to start a home-building franchise come from all walks of life, so if you’ve been considering starting your own business or looking into what a painting franchise costs, we are sure we can help set you up for success.









If you’re interested in learning more about Preserve Services’ franchise opportunities, we are always available to help, so please reach out to us today!