Preserve Services is a professionally managed, multi-service exterior construction business offering franchise opportunities to energetic, customer-obsessed individuals looking to own their own business. Our franchisees are able to offer a robust but limited set of services: painting, roofing, maintenance carpentry, decking, and siding. We selected this group of offerings because it is tailored to the Preserve Services franchise approach: the services are often complementary if not actually required to complete, are cost-efficient, simple to estimate, source, and schedule, and therefore straightforward to execute and complete. We’ve been in business for over 25 years — we’re always looking for franchisees interested in trading in their toolbelt for a slice of the American Dream and owning their own business.

One of the biggest benefits of being a franchisee in any system is that you are buying into a corporate program for ownership. Quality franchise organizations come to the table with an operational blueprint of sorts, one that gives clear guidance, boundaries, and expectations for everything from training and technology to vendor selection and ongoing opportunities. A key element to all of this is marketing support. At Preserve Services, we are constantly fine-tuning, evaluating, and testing our marketing campaigns to give our franchisees the biggest impact for their investment.

Our Turnkey Marketing Solutions Save Franchisees Time and Money

Preserve Services has a franchise marketing program that generates all the leads that our franchisees can handle — and then some! At the corporate level, we spend tens of thousands of dollars every year researching, creating, and testing new marketing strategies, both print and digital, to keep our marketing fresh and updated. Even the least jaded businessperson you know will likely agree that most marketing is a waste of money. However, through our testing and refining — and our franchisees’ success — we know that marketing done well is worth the effort and investment. Our continual refinement allows you to select from proven campaigns and not waste time or money on ones that don’t work.

We meet throughout the year with each franchisee to create a strategy that works best for their territory and the amount of work they can fit into their schedule to meet their individual goals and still provide excellent customer service. We follow up those meetings with the materials, the vendors, and the schedule to put those particular plans into action. We provide our franchisees with the turnkey solutions that they need to roll out each campaign, along with a comprehensive plan to track and make them successful.

Marketing Is Just a Small Piece of Preserve Services Franchise Onboarding and Ongoing Support                                                                                                                          

When you become a Preserve Services franchisee, the first step is participating in a 2-week training program that dives a bit deeper into marketing — in particular how to maximize your budget — and many other important aspects of our system, including:

  • Construction expertise – Becoming your clients’ go-to problem solver  – no experience required
  • Cost savings – Bulk materials and marketing discounts
  • Support – On-demand support from experienced managers
  • Community – Franchisee socials and resource sharing
  • Technology – Our proprietary software simplifies and cuts down on your project management hours
  • Coaching – Growing your business without making more work for you

If you’re looking for home builder franchise opportunities and are interested in learning more about Preserve Services and our franchise marketing support, please reach out to us today!