Building a new business isn’t easy. But with the Preserve Services franchise system, you’ll get all the benefits of being a small business owner with the backing and resources of a larger, established company. You’ll be able to take all you know about exterior construction and your entrepreneurial spirit as your foundation, solidly that frame with the process, systems, training, and support of the Preserve Services franchise system, and be ready to open your doors – literally – to a large and untapped customer base that is hungry for the services you’ll be able to offer.

If you’re curious about why you’d franchise versus starting your own business, you’re in the right place: We can reassure you with the fact that from day one, you’ll go out into your territory with 25 years of experience behind you and the ability to scale rapidly.

Preserve Services is always on the lookout for people who are looking to build a business for themselves, their family, and their community – people who are motivated and committed to building what we call a professionally managed construction business. We have almost 25 years in the construction industry, and we’ve been offering franchise opportunities since 2019. In that time, we have spent years honing our operations, marketing, and implementing technology to develop a high-quality, transparent system to support our franchisees and our clients.

Become a Part of the Billion-Dollar Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement industry currently sits at roughly $400B. With aging homes, younger generations aging into investing in property, the popularity of renovation and related topics, and many other factors, this market will only continue to grow. As a construction company owner and part of a painting and carpentry franchise, you can enjoy the exciting and varied industry work environment as you go on-site and call on customers without the expectations of working beyond traditional business hours or weekends.

Our Multi-Service Construction Services Approach Works

Additionally, Preserve Services has carefully curated a market-validated, robust, but limited suite of available services. We choose to lead with multi-service for a simple reason: It means multiple sources of revenue for our franchisees. The complementary services our franchisees offer are both commonly requested and simple to execute – the combination of limited variety, but high demand means a constant flow of business without any of the sourcing headaches. Cost savings and discounts are just part of where Preserve Services franchise owners reap the benefits of our system.

Preserve Services Franchise Benefits Include Comprehensive Training and Support

Once you’ve made it through the franchise award process and made your initial investment, you’ll instantly begin to reap the benefits. Beyond the experience we bring – along with the expertise you’ll bring to the table – you’ll also gain from the many advantages our system provides, including:

  • Marketing – How to maximize your marketing dollars
  • Construction Expertise – Becoming your clients’ go-to problem solver
  • Cost savings – Bulk materials and marketing discounts
  • Support – On demand support from experienced managers
  • Community – Franchisee socials and resource sharing
  • Technology – Our software simplifies and cuts down on your project management hours
  • Coaching – Growing your business without making more work for you

At Preserve Services, we offer the opportunity to join our professionally managed construction company and our unique franchisee community. You can leave the paint rollers and ladders in your truck and build yourself a business for life.

If you’re interested in learning more about Preserve Services’ franchise opportunities, we are always available to help, so please reach out to us today!