Preserve Services is a professionally managed construction business that’s been around since 1993. We offer multiservice franchise opportunities for individuals who are looking to own their own business and actively manage their own portfolio of clients with a staff of experts in their service lines, including roofing, carpentry, painting, and building and repairing decks. 

We made a thoughtful decision to create a multiservice approach for several reasons, all of which roll up to a single driving reason: multiple services offered equals multiple streams of revenue for our franchisees, and all while our customers enjoy excellent customer service to boot. While our multiservice approach has many options within it, at the same time, we recognize – there are services we will gladly provide and others we simply do not bid on. There’s a method to our madness, and it’s all reflected in our franchisees’ bottom line:

  • Limited variety speeds service time: With fewer choices comes faster decisions, which lead to quicker project completion
  • Ancillary services increase project scope: With our complementary services, we are able to bid on all aspects of a project without a third party (for example, building a deck often requires tandem exterior painting)
  • Readily available materials also speed execution: An available product set reduces custom ordering, which leads to simpler sourcing and quicker project completion
  • Higher margins are predictable: Bidding on repeatable projects with off-the-shelf materials leads to higher margins and predictable income
  • The service portfolio is always in demand: The services we offer are common to most homeowners, which means built-in customer demand (and even repeat customers)

Other Ways Multiservice Benefits Our Franchisees

We believe that just about anyone can be a successful franchisee in the Preserve system. We’re looking for motivated and committed individuals who possess a positive attitude with a passion for providing excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been painting houses for 25 years or just one; while construction or home improvement experience is a bonus, it’s absolutely not required. 

In our system, our franchisees are actively involved in managing the business and selling and executing projects and services: They are not required to be on a job site. Our multiservice approach benefits our partners first and foremost because, as we mentioned, it translates into multiple sources of revenue. 

We operate in a recession-resistant industry: No matter what the economy is experiencing, homeowners and other property owners will always need to maintain their buildings. And even amid the pandemic, when people were reasonably wary about having people in their homes, the home improvement industry has continued to rise, even across generational lines. 

High-ticket, complementary services are always in demand: Many of our services are complementary, and we offer them largely because they are the most frequently requested and require a substantial initial investment from our clients. This means that franchisees rarely need to supplement their project forecasts with small, one-off projects because their plan is filled with large but manageable projects that are simple to scope, staff, and execute.

At Preserve Services, we are always looking for passionate, committed individuals looking to make an investment in a business that will also complement the lifestyle they’ve been striving for. 

To learn more about next steps and becoming a part of the Preserve Services franchise family, please reach out to us today!