How large is the home improvement industry?

The home improvement is a $300 Billion industry!

Will I be doing any of the construction work?

You will be a manager. You will never get your hands dirty. Preserve Services is a construction management company. Preserve Services is looking for dynamic, honest, energetic franchisees.

Do I have to work nights and weekends?

Preserve Services is a great lifestyle business. No nights, no holidays, you control your schedule, and no travel. Unless, of course, you want to travel. And you get tons of frequent flyer points. Building materials are expensive, and credit cards with points are readily available.

Why should I buy a franchise instead of starting a construction business?

Belonging to a powerful system that has 25 years of experience is going to give you the ability to scale your business much more quickly with a fraction of the risk. On day one you will be an expert. Acquiring this level of knowledge can take years. Which markets are very lucrative? Which markets are dogs? Which are very risky and why? How do you market a multi-trade service construction company? Why offer simple services? Those are all questions we have answered for you.

What about the business cycles in construction?

Preserve Services offerings are nearly recession proof, offering you a large upside in booming markets. Homeowners will replace a leaking roof, rotten wood, or put a fresh coat of paint on their homes even in down markets. We have been around for 2 large recessions and proved that our system works. In better times we are there to do the larger capital projects such as re-siding the house or replacing large decks.

Wouldn’t I be better off with a single service franchise like painting?

Multi-service has two large advantages: stronger customer relationships and business size.

You have a much stronger relationship with the client with the multi-service model than the single service model. Preserve Services started off as single service company, painting, and so we have years of experience with different business models. The frequency you do business with a client deepens the relationships and builds trust. You paint the house, replace the roof, build a deck, replace some rotten wood, and then start over. Your relationship evolves to doing business with a friend. The trust leads to more enjoyable and profitable projects because of your relationship. You have clients that are not shopping for the lowest price. The client wants you because they trust the value of your work.

Our tools and coaching will help you easily manage a large business with our multi-service model. Limiting yourself to a single service makes your market too small. There are only so many homes within in a reasonable distance from your office that need painting, roofing, etc. Our multi-service model expands your market to include all the homes that need painting, roofs, siding, and their decks replaced.

Multi-service means multiple revenue opportunities.

Isn’t it going to cost a lot in royalty to belong to a franchise system?

Our system costs less. Our multiservice model includes services that require a substantial portion of the cost of the project is building materials. For example, 32% of a roofing project is building materials. We buy building and marketing materials in bulk allowing for a substantial savings. Even credit card fees are lower in our system. Bulk purchasing reduces your effective royalty rate substantially. Our goal in the future is for the bulk discounts to be so substantial that the effective royalty rate is less than zero!

Who actually does the training?

Sean O’Connor, the founder, will train you personally. Sean O’Connor has over 25 years of experience in the construction business. On day one of running your business you will be an industry expert. If you are considering another construction franchise, ask them who will be training you and what is their level of expertise.

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