Benefits of a Franchise versus Starting your own Business

Simply put: we know what we are doing. We’ve been doing this for a very long time. We will teach you how to run your home building franchise, then coach you all along the way to success.

Starting your own business can be overwhelming and lonely, and often feels like an endless battle to put out all the different fires. As a prospective business owner, the independence of owning a business can be very attractive but can be all consuming. Staying on track, not getting side lined by every problem, creating boundaries between work and leisure time, are all things business owners struggle with.

Our proven systems operate a multi-service construction company from opening day to millions in sales. Our marketing system brings the heat and delivers the leads. Easy estimating systems. Systems to share information from installers to clients. Financial tracking systems to stay in control.

On day one you go into the marketplace with over 28 years of experience. You will be a construction expert on the services we offer. This expertise will allow you to solve a wide variety of problems for homeowners.

Business development – The key to grow your business in the future. While you are busy running the day-to-day, we are behind the scenes working on growing your business. We are trying out new services, developing estimating algorithms, testing marketing strategies, and updating our proprietary software.

Discounts – Construction materials are expensive. We negotiate bulk discounts available to you from day one. Marketing is expensive. We make your marketing buys in bulk from the get-go.

Flexible and Efficient – We’ve learned from years of running a successful business and continue to become leaner and more efficient. The sheer number of projects we do means we identify and correct problems faster than you can on your own.

You don’t have the luxury of spending years of trial-and-error learning a new business. You have a business to build!

And you’ll be building a business that you can sell in the future.

Ownership, Support, and Community    

Owning a Preserve Services franchise comes with four key components that make our franchisees successful: Support, Technology, Community, and Accountability.  While owning your own business, you also have the constant support of our founder, Sean O’Connor, and that of our project managers and your fellow franchisees.

All your questions and concerns are dealt with through on-demand coaching and support, every step of the way. The community of franchisees have built has become an invaluable resource for resource sharing, troubleshooting, and comradery. Our franchisees lean on each other for advice and friendship from folks working in the same way.

“Starting your own business can be overwhelming and lonely. I’ve done it, and I want to give our franchisees the tools and community I wish I had along the way. Each franchisees’ success is our success.“ – Sean O’Connor, Founder

Franchisee support

I can honestly say my experience with Preserve Services has been one of the best career decisions I have ever made. The business model is something I truly believe in, on every level.

M. Peterson


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