Why Multi-Service?

A multi-service business means multiples of revenue. Most jobs require more than one type of service. By offering the most frequently requested services, our clients make one call and we perform the job from start to finish. Clients will call you time after time for different services, building stronger relationships with them due to the frequency you work for your clients. We will help you start a home building company and turn it into a successful business. The result is a higher quality job and convenience for the homeowner.

Most projects require several different trades:

  • Over 95% of exterior paint jobs require carpentry in New England
  • Over 95% of exterior carpentry jobs require painting
  • A majority of roof installations require both carpentry and painting


Why did we select these services?

Preserve Services has selected a complementary set of services that clients request time and again. These are simple services with the power to grow your business. All our services follow the same model:

  • Minimal variety products for consumers to choose from
  • Readily available building materials (not custom orders), and large ticket items
  • High margins
  • Robust consumer demand.

For example: to paint the exterior of a client’s house they simply need to select the colors. The paint is readily available in any local paint or big box store. The average job size is $6,500. The average job takes 4 to 5 days to complete. The industry accepted gross profit margins are 40-45% (Price – Labor and Paint).

How do our franchisees benefit?

Simple services in construction mean simple execution. Compare the paint project with a bathroom remodel with dozens, if not hundreds, of choices, requiring five inspections in Massachusetts, the workers and dust inside the client’s home, with clients scrutinizing the work quality daily. All that and industry accepted margins of 15-18% of the contract for a general contractor.

Preserve Services disciplined approach to service selection is designed to create the most profitable business for you. It’s not the most glamorous. But it will make you money and give you more time to spend living your life.

The benefits of the multi-service approach:

  • Recession-resistant: maintenance services are always needed and will protect your business in recessions
  • Capital intensive offerings for you to profit from when the market is booming

Here’s what our people are saying:

The support I receive from Preserve Services Franchise is incredible. Sean is available to answer every question and coach me through bumps on the road. I also didn’t expect how helpful it is to be part of the Preserve community.

N. DaCosta


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