WHY DO YOU NEED A Raleigh Siding Contractor?

Why do you need a Raleigh siding contractor? Well, for starters, the perfect company will offer you siding replacement, siding installation, and siding repair services by the best professionals in the industry at a price you can afford with a brief turnaround time. But, above it all, the perfect siding company is one that’s based in Raleigh and knows exactly what to do to make your house warm, cozy, dry, and beautiful all year long. That’s exactly what Preserve Services can offer you: The best service in the industry by specialists who know our weather inclemency and translate that into a tailor-made solution that will last for years.

Does this sound like the kind of solution you need for your house? Don’t think about it one more minute and give us a call right now! Are you ready for your next project? We’re waiting for your call!


Preserve Services: The Best Raleigh Siding Contractor

When looking for a Raleigh siding contractor, there are a few aspects you need to bear in mind. The first or the main aspect is that the company you hire needs to offer you several options not just for siding but also for exterior painting. Moreover, if a company offers painting residential homes, you can hire them to do interior painting. That’s the case with Preserve Services, because our professionals have a surgical-level eye for details. Every corner will be flawless.

We not only offer residential painting, but we also do commercial painting. As you might know, painting commercial and residential buildings is not the same. We bring the awesomeness that can engage the wow factor in your customers and make them come back time after time. After we’re done working with your property, it’ll be safer, warmer and it will also look better than ever. Oh, and not a drop of water will make it inside so you can be warm and dry with your loved ones enjoying inside regardless of the weather outside.


Do We Offer Siding Vinyl?

According to recent statistics, vinyl is the second most popular type of siding in the country. This is because of these important qualities:

  • Low maintenance
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost-effectiveness

If you live in Raleigh or Durham, you know that North Carolina weather requires more than just a little attention to keep your house’s interior safe, warm and dry. That’s why along with vinyl siding we also offer siding made of fiber cement, and several financing options. Give us a call today!

We Have Replacement Options Too

Perhaps, you moved into a house that was built many years ago and the siding on it is starting to become faulty. Don’t make the common mistake of spending a fortune painting the house just to find out the siding is ruining your paint job six months later. Give us a call and we’ll inspect and repair or replace your siding before painting. Make the most out of every dollar invested in your property; give Preserve Services a call today!

Locally owned and Operated By Raleigh People like You

Our siding contractors know when to offer siding vinyl or any other kind of siding. They also know when it’s time for siding replacement, or when that replacement can be postponed and a repair job can save the day. That’s because every contractor in our team knows Raleigh and its weather just as well as you do. We’re a locally-owned and locally-operated company ready to make your house the dream home you always wanted to live in.

Repair or Replace? We do both!

If your house’s current siding problems can be solved with a repair service, we’re the company to do it. If you need to replace it, we’re the perfect candidate too. Give us a call today!


Hire Our Experts and Revamp Your Entire Home

Our company isn’t just a siding company. Yes, despite our reputation as the go-to option for siding installation and the best siding replacement company in the area; siding installation is not the only thing we do. Our ever-growing, long list of customers have been contracting our services for siding repair, and installing siding during the construction phase and also for painting, roofing, state-of-the-art carpentry, and decking. We’re not just the best siding contractor company in the area, we’re so much more than that. Give us a call today!


Our Team is World-Class

We take huge pride in the materials we use but we take even more pride in the experience, talent, and accountability of our contractor team. Yes, we handpick every member and trust they’ll represent our values and vision every time they work with our clients. Over two decades of flawless results back us up; give us a call today and enjoy the benefits of working with talented experts.


Raleigh Siding Experts

The last two decades left us with a 5-step process that ensures every job we do transforms into a perfect solution for your needs.

  • We take care of all permits and put a dumpster in the area 
  • If needed, we remove all traces of old siding and inspect the sheathing thoroughly
  • We install flashing above as many doors, windows, and horizontal boards as necessary
  • Using industrial-grade exterior fasteners (usually stainless steel) we will install the siding over the engineered underlayment your house needs
  • We’ll leave behind only a perfect job we can inspect together and invite the building inspector if needed.

Why Do We Do Flashing on All Windows?

Flashing is a very important part of keeping your house dry and warm. We know this, that’s why we go the extra mile and take care of every small weak point your house might have.



Just like a roofing job or installing flashing on your windows and doors, every time we work on a home, we want to offer the best possible service. Part of our services is to suggest the best solution for the exteriors of your home. As you know, Raleigh, NC enjoys amazing weather but it might have a harsh effect on your house’s exterior. Cement siding installation generally comes painted by the manufacturer with a 15-year warranty. This will save you from calling painters for a decade and a half. Moreover, you can choose to upgrade to a PVC trim and forget about painting that too.

Our contractors know exactly what you need; we’re the best option in Raleigh. Give us a call today!



Talking about exterior painting, we can offer you the best siding repair, replacement, or installation service along with expert painting skills. Although most people associate a paint job with just aesthetics, paint is also the first barrier against weather inclemency.

We can offer you the best painters in the market.


Your Family’s Welfare Depends on Your Contracting Decisions

Maybe, you’re thinking about saving a buck or two and going DIY on any of these tasks. Well, we have more than two decades of experience protecting the houses of Raleigh neighbors with flawless results. Trust your family’s welfare in the hands of the experts; it’s the right choice. Give us a call today!


Preserve Services: Your Go-To Siding Company

We’re the best Raleigh siding contractor. Not only do we do siding replacement but we offer the most complete solution in the market to completely revamp your property and change your life.

If you can dream of it, we can make it a reality.


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