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Salem is known for its diverse weather conditions throughout the year. Our city can go from snow to extreme sun in just a matter of weeks. This affects your house’s structure and also its insulation system.

You need the right siding contractor to keep your family safe and warm throughout the year.

We have been doing an outstanding job in the area for 25 years and won our impeccable reputation one happy customer at a time. Give us a chance to end all your insulation problems at the best price and with the best materials.

We are Preserve Services, the siding contractors you’ve been waiting for. Give us a call today! 

Hiring the Right Siding Contractors for your Home in Salem, MA

As you might know, climate change is a worldwide phenomenon that affects every single world citizen. We are not alien to that and we need to protect our homes.

According to the prestigious Forbes Magazine, one-third of the USA population that moved in 2022 cited climate change as the main reason. The weather on planet Earth is changing rapidly. 

Thus, you can no longer hang on to faulty siding at home. Your family and house integrity are at risk.

Hence, hiring the right Salem MA siding replacement company is more important than ever. You need the services of a company like Preserve Services. We have been installing top-notch solutions in the area for over 25 years and our satisfied clients are always our best presentation card.

Whether you need replacement windows, building products, or composite siding, we can offer you the best in the market at the best price. We work with hi-tech windows and do window roofing, siding windows, and even roofing siding. 

We are a one-stop solution for all your siding needs

Moreover, we work in our seven service areas with the best materials, including fiber cement, a durable solution that will last for years demanding virtually no maintenance.

You can install this protection outside your home or business and go through all of the seasons in Salem safe and sound. 

Perhaps, you never thought about it this way, but the roof in your house as well as the siding is the first barrier against the elements. That’s why the right contractor will spot the need for replacement of faulty protection and bring fellow contractors to carry on a roof replacement. 

Furthermore, Preserve Services can offer you siding contractors for repairs, a siding installation contractor, or personnel to replace siding.

What is more, the plethora of services we deliver permits us a holistic, complete vision of your property. Thus, we can give you the best long-term solution for you and your family from every possible angle.

Because you deserve to find a home and shelter in your house come heat or come rain, and because you need to keep your family safe and sound, Preserve Services is your go-to option in Salem, MA.

You’re one phone call away from making your home your favorite place all year long. Call us today!

What is Composite Siding?

Composite siding is Salem’s favorite siding replacement or repair material. But why would you start replacing your vinyl siding for composite siding? Well, the reason is insulation.

Composite wood siding is made of scrap wood bonded with resins and compressed. Furthermore, it gets a state-of-the-art treatment to avoid insects and any type of fungi. This process makes this material utterly reliable for insulation and protection.

We offer you composite siding that comes pre-primed and ready for painting, or, you can also buy it already finished in a wide array of tonalities and motifs.

You don’t have to worry about anything because our 5-step installation process will make the entire experience relaxed and easygoing.

Our installation process

First Step

The first thing we’ll do is take care of the annoying paperwork nobody wants to deal with. Once the permits are granted, we’ll bring a dumpster to the property.

Second Step

While inspecting the sheathing to make sure there are no cracks or holes, we carefully remove all the existing siding.

Third Step

Because we want to take your house’s protection to the next level, we’ll install flashing everywhere needed. This includes doors, windows, and horizontal boards.

Fourth Step

We’re experts in siding installation. First, we’ll install an engineered underlayment that’s specific to the structure of your house. Second, we will install the siding as the manufacturers indicate. Finally, we’ll install exterior-grade (usually stainless steel) fasteners to keep it all perfectly safe and neat.


Fifth Step

We work very hard to install your siding perfectly, yet, the final word is never ours. We will walk with you around the structure and help you with any punch list items left. Finally, if the town’s building department requires so, we can have the siding inspected by the building inspector.

Our tested-and-true five-step process is the best in Salem, MA. We take care of the roofing, windows, and the first barrier of your home making your building the coziest place on Earth regardless of the season.

We will also work on your doors and offer many services including vinyl siding. We are Preserve Services, your go-to, one-stop solution in Salem, MA.

We Also do Roofing, Doors and Work With Metal

Regardless of the size of your project, you can count on our service to prevent all elements, including water from getting into your home.

Furthermore, whether you are at a design stage or at a painting stage, we can install our trusted materials to insulate and protect your house from the local weather inclemency.

But that’s not all, because our products require very low maintenance, and last for a long time.

contact us today!

So, whether you need Salem MA siding replacement, roof installation, or roof repair, we are the best option in town. Don’t look for another contractor for your roof; we’re your best option for siding contractors in Salem, MA.

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